Topography Over Time

Our last project for architecture was getting to know a particular site in depth so that we can later design a building for it.  My particular assignment was to research the history of the site, a small plot on Portage Bay in Seattle.  I decided that a cool way to go about it would be to create an infographic that showed the changes in topography over time.  I’m not sure if this is something that’s done regularly, but it seemed concise and informative.

I went with a simple, colorful graphic that actually has a fair bit of information in it.  I didn’t want to make it busier by adding dates, and since they aren’t as relevant as the changes that have happened, I didn’t think it was necessary.  There’s a section and a plan view that both show the transition from native to western dominance of the area, the cut of the first and second log channels, the digging of the ship canal, the deforestation that occurred, and the construction of both the University and I-5 bridges.  Obviously this didn’t all happen right at a specific point, but it reflects the important topographical changes that occurred around the site in question.  Hopefully it gets across what I want it to!


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