What’s Going On(?)

Wow.  I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted here, but I absolutely did not think it had been a full month.  Things have been happening very quickly.  A lot of them.

But after looking back over what I’ve been putting on here the last few months, I’m disappointed in myself.  This was supposed to be a place for me to share thoughts with meaning, original ideas and interpretations that were worth preserving and, just maybe, reaching a wider audience.  But instead it’s degenerated into a reblog, a timid facsimile of whatevs.net, and the very thing that I claimed not to be when arguing against Jaron Lanier back when my posts had content.

So now that my life has hopefully calmed down a bit and I’ve gained more perspective than I ever saw coming, I think it’s time to take it back to the gameplan and actually make use of the ideas I have.  They just might be of value to you, and I know they will be to a future me.  As fun as flaming shopping carts are, my apologies.



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