Is Google Evil?

It’s tough to know what to think of Google.  They’re certainly tremendously – perhaps dangerously – ambitious, but that ambition is what has made them one of the most useful, innovative companies of all time.  While Google Maps can be seen as an invasion of privacy, it can also be seen as an incredible tool for cataloguing our planet and opening up the flow of geographical and spatial information.

A distinction that the above video doesn’t make is the difference between the capacity to do evil, and evil itself.  Google is gearing up to be incredibly powerful, but if there was ever a company that I would be comfortable trusting with great power, it would be Google.  They make their money on advertising – so what?  I ignore ads anyway, and when I can’t it actually is nicer to see ads about things I care about than home mortgage payment options.  I’m not saying we shouldn’t keep an eye on them, I’m just saying that in terms of power, there’s often little difference between the good guys and the bad guys.  The difference lies in how that power is used.


One response to “Is Google Evil?

  1. Meagan MacPhee

    Still this kind of power and scope makes me nervous, even considering how amazing and cool it is. The old saying “absolute power corrupts absolutely” comes to mind and though intentions now may be good to have this kind of unprecedented control and scope over so many aspects of our lives, motivated primarily by being attractive to, and gaining, advertisers, should make us all a little nervous, if you ask me.

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