MIT has got a new project they’re working on that could become huge in the future.  They’re trying to use flocks of tiny helicopters with LED lights attached to them to create 3D images in space.  It’s called “Flyfire” and it sounds awesome.  Essentially, each helicopter will function as a single pixel for a huge image.  The possibilities are incredible though, since the goal is to be able to free-form manipulate a cloud of lights into any configuration.

The main problem at this point is developing helicopters with enough flight precision.  Mini helicopters exist right now, but they’re erratic and have trouble hovering in place.  Once that hurdle is cleared though (and come on, they’re MIT…), they’ll have to figure out how to control the cloud so it can be easily restructured.

I’m real excited though.  Next time I have a presentation to give, fuck Powerpoint, I’m just bringing my Flyfire, 3D imaging cloud.


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