Music from the Wasteland

So as you’ve probably noticed, it’s tough for me to get around to posting while I’m down here at school.  It’s hard to justify writing about random things here, or even architectural things on the JA blog when I’m behind on obligatory reading for my classes.  But as I’ve said before, I listen to a lot of music, especially while I’m working, and although I don’t want to turn this into a “music blog,” I do want to share some of the stuff I’m listening to.

So I’m introducing Music from the Wasteland, a minimalist venue for sharing one song, every day.  You’ll be able to stream the songs there, just as you would here, but not download them.  I think this will be a lot more accessible than this blog, since I update here infrequently and miscellaneously.  Just click the “Music from the Wasteland” image on the sidebar to go to the site.

If you like new music of the indie/hip-hop/good variety, check back daily and I’ll share with you the songs that get stuck on repeat on my computer.


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