I decided a while ago that I wanted to get a record player.  Digital music is great, but there’s something really appealing about analog music.  It’s the same reason that I want to get a typewriter, and enjoy old books.  Well I did end up getting one, and after a brief struggle with cables (thank god I have Kees to help me out of those situations) I got it hooked up to my speakers and spinning tunes.

I had a few records that I picked up at Atlas in Seattle over break – Bruce Springsteen, Psychedelic Furs, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, and some random albums I chose for the cover art.  Last week I went into the village to Rhino Records, an independent record store that seems out of place in conservative Claremont, and spent a while browsing.  I was blown away at the variety of modern artists and recently released vinyl.  I walked away with The Shins’ Chutes Too Narrow, Grizzly Bear’s Veckatimest, Bon Iver’s Blood Bank EP, and Wolf Parade’s Apologies to the Queen Mary.

The great thing about a record player is that it almost forces you to develop a greater connection to the music you’re listening to.  It’s a far more conscious activity than just pressing double clicking a track on iTunes, so it makes you think more about what you’re playing, and it makes you pay more attention to it once it’s on.

I also appreciate the indivisible nature of vinyl.  You press play and have to listen to three or four songs straight through, no skipping ahead or picking a certain song.  It makes albums important, makes them something more than just the sum of their parts.  Digital music has done a great job stripping the music experience down to hit tracks, but there’s something great about coherent albums – not just one or two good songs, but 12 or 13 that work together and are framed by their cover art.

I know I’m just becoming even more “indie” or “hipster,” but I swear I’m not doing it for the fad.


3 responses to “Records

  1. Hurray me! Also hurray analogue technology!

  2. What kind of record player is it?

  3. Hi.. That’s a nice record player you have. Hope you can tell me the model for this player?

    Do you like the sound of this player? Or have you changed to other player? I’m a newbie to vinyl industry but really interested get my hand on one. Thanks!

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