Mixtape #4

I’ve been busy and unmotivated lately, so I haven’t managed to post anything in over a week.  I still don’t have the time/energy to write something substantial, but I do want to put something up.  Fortunately, even though I haven’t been doing much writing over the last couple of weeks back at school, I have been doing a lot of listening to music, and I have a few tracks I’d like to share.

This first track is probably my most played song of the last month.  Dan Black is a British musician that I hadn’t ever heard of before stumbling upon “Symphonies,” a huge track that samples that drums from Jay Z’s “Empire State of Mind.”  There’s a newer version that features Kid Cudi, but I personally prefer the original.  Dan Black – Symphonies:

Florence + the Machine is a band that’s big in Britain, but for some reason they haven’t really caught on over here.  I discovered them slowly, one song at a time.  I first discovered “My Boy Builds Coffins,” then eventually found “Dog Days Are Over,” and then several more songs, all over a period of several months.  Finally, sometime last week, I put it all together and was blown away by how good this band is.  Most of their songs are great, but Dog Days is still my favorite.  Florence + the Machine: Dog Days Are Over:

I was initially reluctant to do this, because it seems to take a lot of fun out of a mixtape, but it’s got to be done.  Up next is another song by Florence + the Machine, but it’s justifiable because it’s a cover, and it has a completely different sound.  Robert Palmer’s “Addicted to Love” is not the kind of song that’s easy to cover in an original way.  F+TM manage to do it spectacularly though, with a perfect mix of soulful vocals and rhythmic kick drum.  It’s pretty nice.  Florence + the Machine: Addicted to Love (Robert Palmer cover):

Alright, we’ll close it out with something completely different.  I’m generally not a fan of remixes.  Hype Machine is absolutely filled with remixes, and most of them are cheap dance adaptations, but occasionally someone pulls of a remix of a song that adds something original and interesting, and makes it waaay better than the original.  A great example of this is Don Diablo’s remix of One EskimO’s song “Givin’ Up.”  I hadn’t heard the original until today when I figured I should hear it before writing about it, and it’s definitely a good song.  But Don Diablo takes it to the next level.  He adds a deeper, rawer beat that increases the contrast of the song, letting Kristian Leontiou’s delicate vocals float desperately above the chaos.  Perhaps that’s a bit dramatic, but give it a listen and you’ll see what I mean.  One EskimO – Givin’ Up (Don Diablo remix):

That’s all I’ve got for now.  I’ll try to get on here more often and to keep the arch blog going.  Stay posted.


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