Plushgun and the Windowpane Music Video

This is another one of those awesome things that I can’t actually embed here, so I’m forced to send you to an external link.  This one takes a bit of set up, but it’s worth it.  Plushgun is some band I’ve never heard of before.  Fortunately, they seem pretty decent, because they have a music video you’ll want to watch. For their song “A Crush to Pass the Time,” they made four different videos that are meant to be played in unison (don’t worry, they tell you when to press play on each of them).  This lets them do neat things like passing balls and paper airplanes from screen to screen, jumping into neighboring videos, and running streamers across them.

It’s a bit tricky to get them all in sync, so I recommend you press play on all four, then pause them as soon as they actually start to play.  Wait for all four to load all the way through (check your email or write a blog post or something), then drag the little locational ball thing back to zero on all of them.  Hit play on the first one and follow the directions.  As I said, it’s too tricky to embed four videos like this here, so click the image above to go to their nicely laid out site.  It’s quite a party.


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