Empty LA

Matt Logue has recently released a book of photographs called Empty LA.  His photos show familiar areas of Los Angeles, but he has manipulated the images by removing all of the people and occupied cars, leaving a stark, tranquil cityscape.  The book won an honorable mention in the Photography.Book.Now contest.  I love this work because Los Angeles is (at least to me) first and foremost a city of people.  The vast, tangled web of freeways are almost always crowded with traffic, and if you can make it into the city itself you find yourself feeling almost insignificant among the huge buildings, sprawling pavement, and throngs of people.  By removing the human presence from the city, Empty LA lets us see the city in a profoundly different light, one that I think makes us more aware of the impact we’ve had on the physical spaces.

If you’re in need of a provocative, beautiful, coffee-table book, Empty LA is available in 13×11″ or 10×8″ online now.


One response to “Empty LA

  1. Looking these pictures of LA. It gives me a eerie feeling.

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