I was watching Gladiator the other day, and when Russel Crow first put on his gladiator helmet, I had two reactions.  First, that’s a fucking sweet helmet.  I mean, seriously, the little spikes, the face guard – unquestionably one of the coolest helmets in any movie.  But my second reaction was a feeling like I’d seen it somewhere before, and not just the last time I saw Gladiator.

Oh, that’s right!  It was MF Doom!  You think I’m kidding, but Doom started wearing this bad boy several years before the movie came out.  Mild mannered Daniel Dumile got into the music scene way back in 1991, but it wasn’t until 1998 that he started assuming an alternate identity.  He began by wearing a stocking over his head, but soon graduated to the mask and “Metal Face” Doom was born. 


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