Leopard Seals

It’s tough to walk the line between apathy or fear and routine with respect to nature.  What I mean is that there are the people who just don’t care about nature (want to drill in ANWAR) and there are people who are afraid of nature (shoot wolves from helicopters), but then there are people who care very much (like me) but who’s attitude has become rote.  It’s easy to turn out the lights, bike, vote for environmental policies and politicians, but sometimes the goal can be lost in the activity.  And then something comes along that shakes you out of your beneficent stupor.

It’s refreshing and invigorating to see something like this, some raw expression of natural world, especially interacting with humanity in such a loving way.  It’s heart-wrenching, awesome, and more than a little sad – the vicious predator is terribly worried that the human is going to starve.  It’s harder to ignore the destruction we’re causing when animals and environments cease to be inert.  It’s a wasteful, arrogant, short-sighted thing we do, to bring the natural world to its knees.  Instead, let’s protect it.


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