Mixtape #1

mix tape gallery2

I love music, so while I don’t intend this to be a music blog, I can’t resist posting when I find some new good stuff.  Yesterday was a great day for new music discovery, so I’ve got a handful of songs I’m just bursting to share.

This first one is by an indie artist I hadn’t ever heard of, Darwin Deez, but it’s remixed by Xaphoon Jones, the producer behind Chiddy Bang (who have an absolutely sick song called “Kids” which samples the MGMT song of the same name).  It’s exactly what I like in a song – a sweet melody, catchy lyrics, and a heavy beat.  Darwin Deez – Radar Detector (Xaphoon Jones Remix):

Next up is a song by obscure English folk rock band, Mumford and Sons.  They have a more mainstream single called “Little Lion Man,” but their breakup song “Blank White Page” has the kind of raw emotion that sets great songs apart.  Mumford and Sons – Blank White Page:

For a little dose of rap, I like the recent Wale release featuring Bun B called “Mirrors.”  It’s a slick beat with guitar and horns, and Wale lives up to his hype with a catchy flow.  Wale feat. Bun B – Mirrors:

This next song is actually an old one, but I wasn’t able to get ahold of the track until yesterday.  “Thoughts of Rena” by The Voom Blooms is a pretty powerful song that should have gotten more mainstream attention than it did.  The band broke up in March, but at least their music is still around.  The Voom Blooms – Thoughts of Rena:

Finally, a track by Fyfe Dangerfield, the frontman for Guillemots and possible holder of the coolest name in music.  I don’t know if I’m going through an indie love song phase or I just happened to stumble on a whole bunch of good ones at once.  Either way, “When You Walk in the Room” is a jangly, ecstatic proclamation of love.  It’s pretty good, too.  Fyfe Dangerfield – When You Walk in the Room:


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