Respecting the Strings

About ten minutes ago, I left my room to go to snack.  As soon as I got out the door, I could hear a string ensemble playing, undoubtedly in front of the Frary steps.  I’m not really one for string music; it’s always classical, and though it sounds nice, it gets boring real fast.  I had to walk by the performance to get to the other entrance, and as I approached I suddenly recognized the song: they were playing Pokemon: the Theme Song!  And not just playing — rocking.  As they sailed through the verse they built up the moment, then one of the guys belted “One, two, three, four!” and they launched into the chorus.  It was awesome.  I couldn’t stop smiling it was so ridiculous.


I grabbed a bowl of cereal, and as I was walking back I heard them playing another song.  I figured it was a classical piece – that Pokemon had been an interlude to keep the audience awake – but again, as I got nearer I recognized the song again.  This time they were playing “If You Seek Amy,” by Britney Spears.  What?!

True story.  Sometimes people surprise you, and sometimes string ensembles can actually be awesome.


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