Today I completed a Cities assignment to explore the LA metropolitan area by bus.  I took the 492 to Irwindale and back after initially missing it twice.  Here’s an excerpt from the article I wrote about it:

Sitting on the bench at the bus stop in Irwindale – the middle of nowhere as far as I was concerned – I felt strangely centered.  It was still warm out, especially compared to the air conditioned interior of the bus.  The 492 runs east-west along Arrow Highway, parallel to the San Gabriels, which I sat facing.  To my left, the huge, golden sun was setting in an orange sky.  To my right, a large moon, white, luminescent, and the barest sliver from being full, had already risen above the treetops against a coral pink sky.  The orange and yellow both faded to a pale blue in the median stretch above my head.

The road in front of me, Arrow Highway, was six lanes of rushing traffic.  The street was not more than two and a half or three feet in front of the bench, which meant cars went roaring past with disconcerting proximity.  Surprisingly, birds were chirping – lots of them, and sweetly.  I had never expected that.  It was an interesting and completely novel juxtaposition, the sky, moon, sun, and birds, with the cacophony of vehicles.  Eventually the moon rose above the smog, which lost its pink hue and was exposed as an oppressive, murky gray that obscured the mountains.

Sitting on that bench in Irwindale was honestly one of the most beautiful natural sights I’ve ever witnessed.  It’s funny how breathtaking beauty can be found in the midst of a roaring wasteland.


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