Open and Closed

It’s funny how I fluctuate with regard to the ideas I want to share.  Just last night I had too many.  I wanted to write about one thing, but kept thinking and thinking until it seemed like I would never be able to convey all that I wanted to.  Yet I only shared a song.  I hope it conveys as much as I intended despite its brevity.  And now I find myself at a loss for what to write.  There are some things that aren’t ready yet, and some things that seem lost.

At some point, I’ll put down my thoughts on: nature, cities, Joshua Tree, what makes a sentence great, Proust, Abbey vs. Cronon, indie music.  And likely a lot more.  I just don’t want to forget.


On a completely unrelated note, this is a photo taken by a traffic camera in Germany.  The camera takes one picture every 20 minutes, and just happened to capture this chickadee.  How cool is that?


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