To be large

The great inquisition of modern life – media, news, gossip – has made man vulnerable to scrutiny and judgment in a way that represses largeness of life.

When we are all put on display, selling ourselves, or being flayed by reporters so the masses can see our insides, character becomes paramount to popularity.  We can no longer hide the skeletons, so we begin to avoid skeletal situations.  We walk carefully, fearing misstep.

We have lost the Lord Byons and the Oscar Wildes, who’s genius was only rivaled by their shadowy insanity and tortured, vindictive exploits.  They were each two men, and lived enough for two lives – tens of some.  They occupied both sides of the spectrum of morality and of good in an immense way that made them more complex, fearsome, and human.  They were god and the devil.


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